Dactah Chando - Global Citizen (Lyrics)


Easy fi dem
I don’t understand, how it’s easy fi dem
Te lo digo again
I don’t beg for a friend, if I’m wrong I will learn
Ethiopia mi sosten si
Easy to be a criminal
Dem justice partial
No one can’t defeat the powers of Jah
Sacred codes in the spirals
Egyptian ancestors…
Incas and the Mayas…
They were on earth before us
Like India, like China
Too many years to learn from mistakes
Too many words in stone and paper
The key to understand this human hatred
Is knowing your own fears

Global citizen!
Igual en el mundo!
Global citizen!

Hey, there’s a cure
To be safer from evil to love open the door
Hey, there’s more
Sure you know like I know, we can’t take no more
Hey, life is not a thing to sell
Why you turn I livity into a hell?
Only thing we want is doing well
When we talk and tell the truth, you have for us a cell
People are so tired
For any reason, any day, guns open fire
No protection for the children,
No care for the woman, decisions must be taken
Please, be gentle and kind so
Please, open your mind so
Please, you’re not alone so
Please, same flesh and bones

Global citizen!
Same flesh and bones!
Global citizen!

One by one, two by two, three by three
Break the chain and be free…
Break the chain and be free…
Four by four, five by five, six by six, point star
We trample the mark of the best
Want of justice increase
More love and peace
All wars must decease
Don’t use the gun use the kiss
Come soldiers and police
Politricks and hippies
Come smart and foolish
Stop from doing sodomies
And satan ceremonies, yes woah

Global citizen!
Igual en el mundo!
Global citizen!
Same flesh and bones!