One Culture - Go Green (Lyrics)


Here’s a little starter, why do you make it harder?
And push a little farther, criminalizing Marijuana?

The stakes of convenience are taken for granted
Our leisure overlooked is leaving others empty handed
Because what I see is more and more wealth
When we know that the earth is in need of it’s health!
See through them lies, while they criminalize 
Them haze up the skies, pressuring our lives
Plastic in the ocean, the change starts with you
Make it your devotion a clean earth to pursue, yeah!

Go green! Go green, yeah! Go green!

Don’t get me wrong, we should free up the herb
But more people should be concerned with this green earth
How much longer can we keep this up?
Eventually mother nature will go belly up!
No time to enjoy the herb, no time to enjoy this life
Because the stakes are high, it’s time to prioritize 
Go green for herb or go green for this life
Go green for the earth or go green for the high, yeah!

Go green! Go green, yeah! Go green!
Go green! Go green, yeah! Go green!