Pacific Dub - Valuable (Lyrics)


Think back, remember what you’ve been through
And still, you didn’t let it break you down
Always kept pushing on!
You still, have so much to experience
Soon these will be the days you reminisce 
Long after they are gone!
Don’t ever let anyone tell you
How they think you should live your life
You only have to stay true to yourself
Often the path of most resistance
Teaches so much more along the way
Lessons more valuable than wealth

Hold on to every single moment
You never know when it could be your time 
Gotta make the most of every day!
No need to focus on the negative
There’s too much beauty all around
No use in chasing yesterday!
Take stock of all the love in your life 
Whenever you start to feel down
You’ll find that there is hope within yourself
One day you’ll look back and appreciate
All the struggles that you overcame
Memories more valuable than wealth