Rastamantic Riddim 🇯🇲


Rastamantic Riddim is the latest release by Friendly Fire Band with three vocal cuts and an instrumental. With a more mysterious and reflective theme, Friendly Fire Band's four song project is a personal work to spin as the day continues to fade and the night continues to grow.

We are extermely honoured to be part of this project and exclusively premiere the lyric video worldwide. The artwork was illustrated by Acidify, to capture the vibe of this mix 🔥

Currently one of Jamaica’s leading song writers, Duane Stephenson lends his plaintive voice to 'Tenament Yard ', which resonates with the confinement situations the world has found itself in recently.

The original song that created the riddim, Tomlin Mystic’s 'The Enemy Within' seriously addresses the fear mongering culture in the media.

Myki Tuff ‘s song that gives it name to the instrumental is a different type of love song with the title track of the riddim: 'Rastamantic'.

By popular demand, the last track is the 'Rastamantic Dub', the instrumental version played by Friendly Fire Band.

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3gKBKk3jHyv5LWXWNGE3Ln?si=219352cd87ec49aa&nd=1


Track List 🔥
00:00 Friendly Fire Band & Duane Stephenson - Tenament yard
04:59 Friendly Fire Band & Tomlin Mystic - The Enemy Within
09:58 Friendly Fire Band & Myki Tuff - Rastamantic
14:56 Friendly Fire Band - Rastamantic Riddim
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Artwork by Acidify 🎨
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