Happy February, everyone! We hope your week has been absolutely fantastic! We are thrilled to share that our team has been hard at work on an exciting new lyric video project, proudly presenting our latest creation for 2024, 'REVIVAL.' This collaborative effort with our good partners and friends promises to immerse you in the heart of Cali Roots Reggae, delivering a potent and righteous message through the exceptional talents of a stellar lineup of artists and producers!

This project delves deep into the aesthetics of roots reggae dub, conveying a powerful message through the resonance of heavy roots reggae riddims and lyrics. It aims to inspire listeners with a conscious message and a spiritual vibe, exploring themes of resilience and self-empowerment.

The captivating background design, expertly crafted by our illustrator, Acidify, is available for purchase via the provided print links for those seeking to own a piece of this artistic excellence. Stay tuned on @AcidifyArt YouTube channel for a timelapse capturing the creation of this stunning artwork!

A heartfelt shoutout is extended to the immensely talented musicians who breathed life into this project. Special appreciation goes to our dedicated producers—E.N Young of Imperial Sound, Hunter Wilson of Oracle Sound Studios, Nick Sefakis of Enoch Sound Studio, and Kurt Jansohn of Third Island Productions—for their unwavering support and trust in allowing us to showcase these impressive tracks on a global scale. Gratitude also flows to the YouTube team and our cherished fans for their enduring love and support throughout the years. We sincerely hope you relish our latest lyric video project, finding solace and entering a meditative mindset. Let the music elevate your spirits! ☮️
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Artwork Timelapse: Coming soon!
⏱ Track List
00:00 Jacob Gulino - Plain Sight (
03:25 Brothers Within - Dead Water (
07:58 Tae Eu Tau - Kings & Queens (
11:37 Tidal Theory - All I See (
15:58 Inna Vision, Jemere Morgan, Dre Island - Life’s Sweet (
19:58 Iya Terra, Tribal Seeds - Price You’ll Pay (
24:03 Proof of Life, Th3rd Coast Roots, Amanda Juline - Show Love (
28:50 Kill Them With Love - Trust In Jah (
31:50 Fohkus - Found Myself (
34:57 One Culture, Mellodose - Chameleon (
40:08 Luna Shade - King (
46:04 Highest Intention - Survival (
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Brothers Within:
Tae Eu Tau:
Tidal Theory:
Inna Vision:
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Dre Island:
Iya Terra:
Tribal Seeds:
Proof of Life:
Th3rd Coast Roots:
Amanda Juline:
Kill Them With Love:
One Culture:
Luna Shade:
Highest Intention:
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E.N Young / Imperial Sound

Hunter Wilson / Oracle Sound Studios

Nick Sefakis / Enoch Sound Studio

Kurt Jansohn / Third Island Productions
Artwork by Acidify 🎨
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