Rise Up - The Source (Lyrics)


Used to be a convict, physically no do time
But I’ve been locked up in a prison inna my own mind
Reggae say look, and now I see sign
It light my way with consciousness I’ll never be blind

Right from the source, I get it right from the source
I go inward and tap into my inner force yeah
Right from the source, I get it right from the source
Love, light, and energy I just tune out all the noise yeah
Right from the source

Now let me tell you bout this brother man he’s struggling
He’s trying to find his way up in the world his pot is bubbling
Pressure build up and about to explode
Times are troubling it humbles him to bend down low
Plus, he lost his father and his brother up in the same year
Not to mention Pandemic got him feeling the stress and fear
But there’s blessings here if you open up your third eye
Fly up in the sky super high and catch the bird’s eye
Right from the source

Give thanks to Rastafari, his life inspire Reggae music
He put me on the path to love and show me how to choose it
There will always be the negative but try just not to focus on it
Just push the positive like roll one up and smoked upon it
Mind who you lime around and spend your time around
They could be the ones that just keep on putting you down
So mind the words you speak because there’s power in your sound
And use them to spread love like planting seeds off in the ground like

You’re sitting, you’re waiting, you’re watching
Wanting for the right time come again
But you no know, if you don’t go
Within you go without in the fight my friend
You got to make a move put your talents to use
If you wanna feel a nice time come again
You only step out of the dark when you make a choice
To let the light come shining in
Right from the source