Stick Figure - Rocky Road

No destination, nowhere to go
No obligation, no one to call
The rocky road is getting long
The rocky road won’t take me home

Situations they come and go
No hesitation you walk out that door
So what do I do? I got nothing to lose
I keep it cool around you, you, you...

I lie awake I got my eyes wide open
I listen to the rhythm and the sound of the ocean
I try to sleep but then I am awoken
The sound of the train always gives me hope 
To see you, to see you
To see you, to see you...

Relaxation, it will ease your mind
Expectations, don’t waste your time
So come on let’s go, to the great unknown
Don’t stay home, stay true, true, true...

I was there I was waiting by the train stop
Waiting for the train but never did the train stop
I waited a while and then I felt a raindrop
Something made me smile
It was not you, not you
Not you, not you...