Tau Ea Tau - Kings & Queens (Lyrics)


Rise up 
rise up again
Rise up 
one more time 
my friend

We are the light of this world
If you are still alive
There’s purpose to fulfill 
No holding back for the kingdom
The one most high awaiting your light to shine bright 

Shine bright 
Shine Bright
shine bright my friend 
Oh yeah

Be hungry to know your calling 
We’ve been given this precious time 
Turn off the television 
They’re conditioning your mind 
Choose your song wisely 
Cuz every beat has life 
That can manifest greatness 
Or dim down your light 

We are Kings and we are Queens
Oh brother, you are bound to live victoriously
Set your mind free my dear 

So shift that crown right my dear
Put on that shield ya
Fight the good fight
Nobody need to fear

Crown yourself with righteousness 
So you can be set free
Focus on shedding light
Spread positivity
Love, oh one love 
Love unconditionally 
You and me

We are the light of this world
We are the light of this world