The Elovaters - Shine

When you get so down that you can't feel a thing
When the pressure gonna come
Surrounding everything
When the darkness falls like a hammer to the light
That darkness never wins
Hold out for the morning time

So low that you don't wanna fight
Food on your plate but your hungry at night
The fire burning
But you feel so cold
You're numb inside
Tired but not alone

Hey oh oh
You're gonna shine 

When you wake up sunny
But the engine won’t run
You get a little money
But you can’t have no fun
Fall asleep but the day isn’t through
Your rock bottom
You got nothing else to lose

Been fishin but you can’t get a bite
Can’t tell if it’s morning or night
When the days pass by
And the weeks are all gone
Sturdy up
Know that it won’t be long now

Hey oh oh
You're gonna shine