Brothers Within is a Reggae band out of Daytona Beach Shores FL. Inspired by their favorite bands, fueled by concerts, and driven by the offbeat music and vibe only reggae can deliver these four quickly realized that their passion was bringing that same vibe home and incorporating it into their daily lives. With little to no musical talent and a dream the boys got to work.. Between learning to play their instruments and supporting each other through daily life struggles, laughing fighting and encouraging along the way, together they developed an organic relationship that could only be defined as a brotherhood. Countless days of practice, jam sessions on the beach, and a few sketchy open mics later the brothers hosted a New Year’s Eve block party and turned a dream into reality. Knowing their potential was only as great as their dedication they poured everything into the band and continued to grow through the support of family friends and the community. Brothers Within brings a lasting impression everywhere they go and with their original music finally released they truly are a testimony to their hard work and dedication.