One Culture - Original Reggae music, Hailing from East Coast Virginia Beach, Virginia. Front man Kurt Jansohn has been the sole Producer and Mix Engineer since the formation of the band in 2016. He released their debut album "Molly Cooper" in September of 2017, Molly Cooper (Acoustic) in November 2018, Take Control (feat. Cultivated Mind) in March 2019, Somebody (feat. Signal Fire) in October 2019, & Smile Forever in February 2020. One Cultures main goal is to spread conscious music to people over the world. Story's people can relate to such as love, hardship, government oppression, injustice, equality, and unity. While One Cultures music sounds polished, there are many fundamentals and inspirations from Roots Reggae Music. The instrumentation, Riddim, and message. One Culture believes it is music for everyone to hear. Not just a targeted audience but something the target audience and everyday music lovers can enjoy. Every new track released brings a different feel and style. Forever driven towards keeping Reggae music and its message alive.