In the vibrant landscape of Kingston's Red Hills Road, Dre Island, born Andre Johnson on May 2, 1988, emerged from the alleys echoing with gunshots and the backdrop of a rough uptown life. A musical spark ignited in him at the tender age of three when his father posed a simple question about his future aspirations, and Dre's resolute response was just one word – "Piano!" Guided by the supportive hand of his grandmother, Dre found solace in church choirs and piano lessons, laying the early foundation for his musical journey.

As adolescence set in, a rebellious spirit took hold. By the age of 12, Dre Island was already clandestinely slipping out of his home to immerse himself in the vibrant local stage shows. It wasn't until he graced the halls of the esteemed Calabar high school that his commitment to his craft deepened. The alias "Dre Island" was not a self-appointed title but a gift from a friend. Exploring the meaning beyond its geographical connotation, Dre found it symbolizing "an isolated place where you go to find yourself." In this spiritual refuge, Dre Island connects intimately with Jah, adding a profound layer to his artistic identity.