Hailing from Colorado, this 6-piece Reggae band is making waves with their high-energy performances and infectious rhythms. Their music is a fusion of classic Reggae sounds and contemporary styles, blending together to create a unique and uplifting sound that is impossible to resist.

With their dynamic live shows, the band has built a loyal fanbase both locally and beyond. Their stage presence is electric, and they have a knack for getting the crowd moving and grooving. Each member of the band brings their own individual talents and experiences to the table, contributing to a sound that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

In addition to their live performances, the band has released several studio recordings, each showcasing their talents and musical diversity. Their music is a reflection of their love of life, their appreciation for nature, and their desire to spread positivity and joy to their listeners.

With their unwavering passion for music and their commitment to creating a positive impact, this Colorado Reggae group is on a mission to share their message of love and unity with the world. So turn up the volume, get ready to dance, and join them on their journey of musical exploration and growth.