Formed in 2019, ‘Stylie’ is a group of Colorado based musicians who took their love for authentic roots reggae music and crafted a unique modern sound. Synths, heavy drums, fat bass, and catchy melodic hooks are staples of their independent studio, Dub Farm Records.

In the spring of 2020 Stylie blasted into the American reggae scene with the release of their debut EP, Flyin’ High. The self produced album was released in via their independent label Dub Farm Records.

The following year in the spring of 2021, Stylie released their first full length album entitled Blazin’ Round the World. Through 18 dubby tracks the band explores the concept of interstellar space reggae via their radio station 420 FM. Featured artists include Green Buddha, Amanda Juline, Luna Shade, and DJ BloodPreshah; all hailing from Colorado.